Spine Films LLC is a San Francisco Bay Area production company specializing in international science, nature, environment and human interest media.  Spine Films was founded in 1999 by Emmy© Award winning writer/director and technology innovator Josh Rosen.  Today, Spine Films produces feature films, television programs, and streaming media for a worldwide audience, and the company continues to be helmed by Rosen and Emmy© winning documentary producer Amy Miller.

Our mission statement is simple:  We document wonder, from the life of a dust particle to the death of a star.  And we are on a constant search for stories with depth – stories that allow us to excavate the magical from the mundane, and celebrate the beautiful intricacy of our universe.

You’ll find Spine Films’ programs on PBS, Discovery Networks, National Geographic, The Science Channel, The History Channel, The Learning Channel, The Travel Channel and on broadcast stations in over 150 countries.