The Spine Films Team

Amy and E.O.Wilson

Amy Miller

Supervising Producer

Amy Miller is the Supervising Producer and Partner at Spine Films.  Prior to joining the Spine team, Amy worked at KQED (PBS) in San Francisco as the Series Producer of QUEST, a multimedia science and environment series. It was at KQED that she was finally able to merge her lifelong passions for science and storytelling.  Originally from Iowa, Amy grew up in Colorado then landed in San Francisco in 1991.  She studied biology and film production at University of Colorado and San Francisco State University, and since graduating in 1995, she has worked as a camera assistant, documentary filmmaker, TV producer and correspondent on a variety of cable and public television shows including two other KQED series, “Spark” and “Independent View.” For her work in television, she has earned ten regional Emmy awards, two AAAS Kavli Science Journalism awards, and a Society of Professional Journalists Excellence in Journalism award for Feature Writing.  Amy lives in Oakland with her family and enjoys hiking, swimming and building stick fortresses with her twin boys, Felix and Devon.



Josh Rosen


Josh began his film career in the early 1990s in feature length documentary, including work on legendary German film director Werner Herzog’s award winning “Little Dieter Needs to Fly,”  “Wings of Hope,” and “My Best Fiend:  Klaus Kinski.”  He spent the next ten years writing, producing and directing a string of international documentaries and documentary series for The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, The Learning Channel, The Science Channel, The History Channel, RDF International, Granada International, and Beyond Entertainment.  His work as startup Series Producer on the PBS series QUEST and on the PBS series NOVA has garnered him five Emmy Awards, five Society of Professional Journalists Awards, and two International Society of Environmental Journalists Award, including Outstanding International Television Story for both 2008 and 2009.  He recently completed writing, producing and directing “Quantum Leap” for WGBH/NOVA’s ground-breaking physics and cosmology mini-series “Fabric of the Cosmos.”  Josh also has a background in computer science and software engineering, has received numerous technical awards for his software products and engineering work, and holds two patents in that area.



Owen Headshot for web

Owen Bissell


Owen Bissell grew up near San Francisco, exploring Northern California’s coastline and Sierra Nevada Mountains. His love of science brought him to UC San Diego for undergraduate work and then on to Montana State University’s Science and Natural History Filmmaking Program, where he completed my MFA and thesis film on salmon in the Pacific Northwest.  Since then, Owen has spent the last 15 years as a cinematographer filming a wide range of subject matter and for various clients, from National Geographic to Adobe. His experiences have taken him from mountain streams in Japan to the Peruvian Amazon, to the vertical cliffs of Yosemite National Park and the harsh deserts of the Colorado River Delta. Through the lens he’s had a chance to see the world as a complex and wondrous landscape of cultures, creatures and powerful geologic forces and he strives to shine a light on subject matters that value the ecosystem and humanity’s place within.

Adrienne Rockettrim

Adrienne Calo


Adrienne has been a producer of documentary films, TV series and interactive media for 15 years. After a stint writing a show about real homicide investigations for Court TV, she became producer of the award winning KQED arts series, Spark. Her work on the show earned her three Northern California Emmy nominations. Adrienne went on to work with social justice media company The Working Group as a producer on their PBS film "Not In Our Town; Light In the Darkness," a portrait of a Long Island community in the aftermath of a hate crime. Adrienne was the coordinating producer of the national PBS music series "Sound Tracks: Music Without Borders", and the KQED/PBS science series "QUEST". Before joining the Spine Films team to produce "Lens of Time", she created mobile audio stories for SFMOMA and NASA/Johnson Space Center.